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The Boiler

Drum kit & room mics   Particularly recommended on the insert point of your mixing console where any room mics are, especially when recording drums and percussion. Any decent size room will be enough to make your drums sound very, very big.
Samplers & loops   Use on the output of your samplers or on the channel insert of the sampler return on your mixing console.
Hard disk recording & mixing   Because the Boiler is a vicious limiter you can use it before going into your hard disk system, where maximum level is critical and you do not necessarily want to overload the input.
Vocals   If you are after extra attack or presence, or purely distortion, the Boiler can provide this.
Bass   If you are lacking a bit of attack and dirt to your bass sound you could put the Boiler on the insert point of the channel you are using before it goes to tape or disk.
Guitar   The Boiler can be used on the ambience microphone to make the sound of a guitar in a room bigger and fuller.