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The Gas Cooker mic pre

Guitars & basses

  Use it on instruments with active or passive pickup systems. You can also connect it between guitar and effects pedals. High gain settings give exceptionally warm valve colouration. Use both Cooker channels to provide a balanced split to two amps.
Electronic keyboards   Treat in the same way as electric guitar signals. High gain settings will introduce significant colouration. If the source signal is relatively strong, you can produce a classic 'rock organ' sound. More subtle setting of the Gain control will affect mainly high frequency sounds, enhancing both transient detail and presence.
Consoles   The Gas Cooker will subtly enhance any signal when connected to the console's insert points. The best results are usually achieved by setting the Cooker to unity gain. If this produces too high a level of colouration, switching in the pad and taking the signal from the unbalanced output will compensate for lost gain.
Mixing   To enhance the complete mix, connect both channels of the unit via the console's master stereo insert points. For a more pronounced effect, use higher gain. High levels of colouration work best on individual instrumental sounds.
Microphones   To re-create that classic 'valve mic' sound, connect one channel of the Gas Cooker to the insert point of a mic channel using, the unbalanced jack output. For subtle coloration,set the Pad switch to on and adjust the gain control to provide approximately unity gain. Higher degrees of coloration can be achieved on higher gain settings or by switching off the Pad.