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The Gas Cooker mic pre

Dave Foister
Studio Sound
  "A very useful piece of kit in its own right, offering a subtle valve sound when wanted, straight clean feeds when necessary and anything in between according to taste."
Nigel Lord
The Mix
  "There can be no doubt that for most people, the Gas Cooker will be most useful in simply warming up a mix or an individual instrument, and in that it excels."
Paul White
Sound On Sound
  "The more you play with a box like this, the more uses you find for it. Definitely worth a close listen, especially if you are a valve freak!"
Zenon Schoepe
Audio Media
  "Positively stupendous. This is probably the best D.I. I have ever used ... quite honestly, I can't think of any good reason why you wouldn't want to use the Gas Cooker all the time on everything!"