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The Gas Cooker mic pre

Front panel controls

  Output gain controls with unity gain markings
Earth lift switches
-20dB pad switches
Front panel in/outs   Unbalanced jack outputs (pre gain control)
Balanced XLR outputs
Rear panel controls   Illuminated power on/off switch
IEC mains input
Voltage selector 120v/240v
Unbalanced line outputs (post gain control)
Max gain   30x to unbalanced output
3x to balanced output
Frequency response   28Hz to 25kHz (-3dB)
Input impedance   1 M ohm
Output impedance   500 ohms balanced
1.5 k ohms unbalanced
Noise at max gain   Better than -65 dB
Dimensions   W:  305 mm
D:  190 mm
H: 72mm

Transformer balanced, hand-built, CE approved